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Sealoc's Weatherproofing Process

Sealoc uses their own patented nano-coating formula and process to make sensitive electrical components waterproof. Sealoc's nano-coating process is the same used by NASA and the US Military to protect sensitive electronics. 

On Sealoc's Coastal series TV, the inner components are further protected by sealing the exterior shut. Every screw-hole, air vent, power connection, and front bezel is sealed shut so nothing can get inside of the TV. Even if water was to somehow get inside of the TV, the circuit boards have a good chance of surviving thanks to Sealoc's nano-coating process. Simply put, these Sealoc Coastal TV's are fully protected inside and out.

How good is Sealoc's weatherproofing process?

Sealoc's exclusive nano-coating formula and process has gone through rigorous internal and 3rd party testing to ensure it meets some of the most demanding requirements. It meets both IP67 and IP68 dust and waterproofing requirements. This means that the sensitive electrical components inside your Sealoc TV are fully protected.

Sealoc also meets Underwriters Laboratories UL94 fire safety testing, IEC 60707, IEC 60695-11-10, IEC 60695-11-20, ISE 9772 and ISO 9773 standards.